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Using Digital Product Passports

Welcome to Skantag®, Digital Product Passport (DPP) technology. Our system is designed to store all data related to a product's lifecycle, allowing manufacturers to manage and make informed decisions about their products. Each DPP is issued with a unique digital identity, known as UIDS which collects all associated data to ensure complete traceability. As the EU prepares to implement DPP regulation which is to come into effect by 2026/7, Skantag offers an innovative solution that will help drive your products in a more sustainable way.  Create a digital future where you can stay ahead and stay connected.

Skantag® Your Digital Solution

The impact of sharing and storing information in an efficient and reliable way.


Our mission is to ensure manufacturers have the most updated and accurate information about their products. We provide a digital platform that allows users to manage and add relevant information to product at each stage in the product life cycle, ensuring that manufacturers and users have access to relevant data. We are committed to ensuring manufacturers have the information they need to make informed decisions about their products.


Skantag® is a digital platform that provides a secure and reliable method for manufacturers to ensure that they are complying with regulation to provide customers with the proof of compliance and warranty. We offer a quick, user-friendly solution to help installers and customers keep track of the maintenance of their products and ensure they’re meet required standards. Our platform is designed to give manufacturers the ability to give customers access to warranty certificates, provide them with product links to genuine spares and product information with just a few clicks. With Skantag® , manufacturers can easily provide customers with the assurance they need that their products are compliant and safe.


Skantag®  is a digital platform that helps customers keep track of their product information, by linking to updated manuals, videos and information. With Skantag® , customers can also get notifications when their product is due for a annual service. Our mission is to make it easier for customers to access accurate product information. We are dedicated to helping customers stay connected and in control of their appliances. With Skantag® , customers will have the peace of mind that they have the most up-to-date information at all times.


Skantag® is a digital platform that provides comprehensive data for governing bodies and manufacturers. Skantag® can help manufacturers manage products and access the useful information they need to make informed decisions. The platform ensures that data is accurately collected to provide useful insights. For manufacturers, we provide full product trail and insight, allowing them to track their products from the original production to the point of sale. Our platform is designed to help access tracible data in a efficient and sustainable way.

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