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Welcome to Skantag


Skantag® is a digital product passport (DPP) technology. Our system is designed to store all data related to a product's lifecycle, allowing manufacturers to manage and make informed decisions about their products. We help businesses take their products to the next level. Stay connected with Skantag®.


Taking Your Business To The Next Level With DPP

Collect Product Information

Full access to accurate and detailed information about the product, Including instructional video guides or manuals for the customer.

Accurate Product Data 

​Exact location of product once installed completed, this allows to track items if recalled for any reason.

NFC / QR Code Technology  

Find the Qr code on your product and simply just scan.

Why Choose Skantag


The Future Of Digital Product Passport


Unlock the Power of Technology

At Skantag®, we believe in making technology accessible for everyone. We are dedicated to helping manufacturers, installers, and customers to make their life easier. Our efficient platform helps the process of product trial and installation. With just a simple scan of the QR code, customers can easily access product information and instructions. We are also proud to provide direct connection between the manufacturer and the installer, making it easier for everyone to stay connected.

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