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01| What is Skantag®?

Skantag® is a new leading platform connecting manufacturers, installers, service engineers, governing bodies, and the homeowner. Just by scanning your QR code you can access the digital passport, storing all important information in one secure place.

02| What is different about Skantag®?

No hassle with paperwork, and no need to download apps, just simply scan the QR code or tap. Our easily accessible digital platform is used by manufacturers, installers, and homeowners. Stay connected with Skantag®!

03| Can I contact the manufacturer directly if there's a problem with my product?


Using this platform gives you direct information and contact details, should there be any issues with your product.

04| How can I get started with Skantag® for my products?


It's easy just fill out our form and enter your contact details and we will be in touch! Let's work together and stay connected.

05| Where can i find my Skantag?®


Your Skantag® will be placed on your appliance near the rear, once you locate your Skantag® on your appliance just simply scan the QR code or tap.

06| How do i find genuine spare parts for my appliance?

Your appliance deserve genuine care, maintaining your appliance with Skantag® makes it easy. Scan the Skantag® on your appliance and see links attached for genuine spare parts.

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